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    Why is it important to stay Hydrated?

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Any Health Professional will tell you it is important to stay hydrated. This is because staying hydrated helps you to:

    • Get healthy skin
    • Cushion and lube your joints and muscles
    • Get energized and be alert
    • Stay regular
    • Reduce your risk of disease and infection
    • Regulate your body temperature
    • Boost your Metabolism; burn more fat and build more muscle
    • Get well
    • Increase Stamina
    • Improve Concentration
    • Fights inflammation
    • Reduce your risk of heart attack
    • Much more

    Generally it is suggested that you drink 6 to 8, 8oz glasses of water a day for optimal health, although it will vary due to differences in our bodies and our daily activities. At ASHA our Professional Therapists emphasize the importance of staying hydrated.

    For more tips on creating wellness in your life visit and check out our articles on Facebook or Twitter. If you want to be proactive give us a call at 770-368-2661 and talk to one of our Professionals about how you can cultivate optimal health in your life!

    What are the benefits of getting a Sports Massage?

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Sports Massage has many benefits for Athletes, it:

    • Prepares muscles for workouts
    • Increases range of motion
    • Reduces muscle pain and soreness
    • Reduces Risk of Injury
    • Increases Flexibility and muscle tone
    • Speeds recovery between workouts
    • Decreases muscle spasms and relaxes nerves
    • Increases elimination of waste products such as lactic acid
    • Improves mood and sense of well-being
    • Releases Endorphin Cocktails
    • Reduces muscle tension

    Certainly there is are advantages for athletes who receive sports massage, so if you want to improve your performance or recovery you can get one right here in our Wellness Center at ASHA. Or, if learning how to give a sports massage seems more interesting to you, check out our 927 hour Certified Massage Therapist program and become a leader in the field!

    For more info call 770-368-2661 or visit www.

    You are invited to learn about the ASHA School and Community!

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Check out the video to learn a little bit about the ASHA School and Community!

    Just follow this link:

    For more information call 770-368-2661 or visit

    How the foods you eat can fight or worsen inflammation

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Inflammation is the body's natural response to an injury or infection caused by anything from allergies and toxins to a virus or blunt injury. Common types of inflammation plaguing individuals in combat and impact sports or extremely physical training regimens include acute inflammation as a result of a physical injury or trauma; low-grade chronic inflammation caused by stress within the body as a reaction to an environmental trigger; and chronic inflammation as a result of an injury that never healed completely or properly.
    Depending on the site and cause of damage, the response is slightly different. But ultimately, the body calls on immune cells to begin fighting the injury by destroying cells and repairing damage at the site of invasion. Inflammation may be better understood when viewed as an immune response.
    The immune response is quite simple. Damaged cells release histamine, bradykinin and prostaglandins. These cause surrounding tissues to be inhabited by fluid, which leaks from blood vessels. The result is swelling, which helps contain the infection during the healing process. White blood cells are drawn to the site and begin consuming the invading cells. This process is called phagocytosis. 
    While there are many physical treatments that address the result of inflammation in the body, this article will focus primarily on nutrition. We’ll take a look at the top foods that fight inflammation as well as foods that contribute to it.
    Foods that fight inflammation:
    1. Cultured or Fermented Foods
    2. Oily Fish
    3. Onions and Garlic
    4. Ginger and Turmeric
    5. Nuts and Seeds
    Foods that worsen inflammation:
    1. Refined Sugars
    2. Food Additives
    3. Polyunsaturated Fats (PUFAs)
    4. Commercially-Raised Meat
    5. Highly-Allergenic Foods
    This information comes from a great article at and goes deeper in depth about inflammation, how these foods help or hinder, and how you can reduce your inflammation.
    For more information about nutrition, health and wellness care visit ASHA School of Massage's webpage at or call 770-368-2661 for a nutritional or constitutional consultation.

    Come see us at our OPEN HOUSE tomorrow at 6:30!

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Do you like helping people? Working with your hands? Setting your own hours? Would like to join a career field with more job opportunities than professionals to fill them? Then Massage Therapy might be just right for you.

    ASHA School of Massage is proud to be one of the best educators of Massage Therapists the US, providing high quality professionals to employ around the world. The market for Massage Therapy is expected to grow, and currently we can't meet the employer demand for ASHA graduates. Also be sure to inquire about our new Asian Bodywork Therapist program!

    SO if you want to transform your life and grow to your full potential, don’t miss ASHA’s next Open House Thursday, May 10th from 6:30 to 9:30pm. This event is not just an Open House, but an introductory class as well! You will have the opportunity to learn basic training modalities, interact with students, learn about our school, programs, and yes, get a free chair massage! Refreshments will be provided as well. See you there!

    For more info please call 770-368-2661

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